Sunday, April 27, 2008

How To Achieve Iphone Tether

When Apple announced that they were going to release the iPhone on June 2007, a lot of people could not wait to get their hands on one. Many lined up outside the stores selling the iPhones and waited for hours. Even before the iPhone was released, there have been many press releases and ads showing its many features and capabilities.

Among these capabilities are its digital camera for still pictures and its ability to browse the web. Of course, you will have to pay for browsing the web using your iPhone since AT&T is an exclusive holder of the iPhones plans. All iphone users are obliged to use AT&T exclusively in order to get an iPhone. Many people are happy with this since AT&T is not the leading mobile phone service provider.

Achieving Iphone Tether

Many techies have since tried to break down the iPhone and add in some applications that are not included in its features. Many have succeeded in achieving iphone tether to allow you, the user, to access EDGE internet on your laptop. This means you can use you iphone to have unlimited internet access.

There is a procedure that some really talented hackers have developed to install a SOCKS proxy server in your iphone, the srelay. The srelay is free and is a 4/5 protocol proxy server. It supports IPv6 and IPv4 and can support sock connect/bind request in the protocol v4, v4a and v5. This iphone tether makes you iphone the source for an internet connection for your laptop.

The only problem with this very enjoyable addition to your iphone is that it is not included in its job description. AT&T has not allowed this kind of technology to be done to your iphone and may be in violation with your contract with them. The iphone tether would have made you enjoy several hours of internet browsing in your laptop but AT&T could also cut off your subscription or charge you a bigger bill for this.

You would also have to consider the speed that the iphone tether provides. AT&T could possibly be aware of this loophole and may even charge you for using the iphone tether against the contract that you have. Just be sure to know the consequences when you try to do something which the iphone is not supposed to do. It's even possible that the iphone battery might run out faster than expected due to this. has other well-written and helpful articles not only related to different kinds of rumored problems and iphone issues, but also other information and resources related to iphone.

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