Monday, March 17, 2008

Get Free Iphone Games

Do you pay for your iPhone games or do you downloads them for free. People who own iPhone are usually split into two halves few who get downloads for free and a few who don’t. If you just know where to search you can find plenty of sites from where you can download stuff at a much cheaper rate than iTunes. It just takes a little bit of search to find such sites.

The craze for the iPhones cannot be ignored in this crazy gizmo world. Be it just to answer the phone or listen to some music or just to relax and watch a movie or just play a game, the iPhone can do it all. And if you would like to look for more games which you can download on your iPhone then go through these resources:

Get Free Iphone Games- 1

The easiest way to search for free iPhone games is to search in google. That would seem to be the most apparent thing to do. But when the results appear you will realize that these sites are here just to make money and more money, mainly through advertising and so you will find a hell lot of popups coming up asking you to click on them. If you come across such sites just leave them alone because they are of no use.

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The so called “free” sites, the reason I call them this is because they say everything is free even the latest downloads. But little do we know that there is nothing like this, only when you visit these sites do you realize that there are only a few old games to download and also that their download speeds are really horrible. These sites don’t actually care about customer service; they are only here to make money through all the advertisements that popup in their sites.

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The other alternative place people turn to when they are searching for iPhone games is the torrent/P2P sites. These sites seem to be very popular among many people. But these sites are the worst ones of its kind, not only are these sites illegal but also they have viruses, spywares, malwares, etc which can completely corrupt your computer. If it can do this to your computer then imagine what it can do to your phone! Is it worth all that risk? I don’t think so.

Get Free Iphone Games- 4

By and large the best place to get free games and other downloads for your phone is the sites which have just started recently. They offer really good service, with a large collection of downloads for your phone right from music, movies, games and other softwares. And to avail these services you have to just subscribe to a life time membership with a mere one time payment of something close to $40 or so. The service and downloads are usually unlimited and the download speed is also really high, so you always feel you’ve got back what you’ve paid for.

These are a few download sites which I suggest to fill your new gizmo with all sorts of interesting and entertaining things. Downloading free games, movies, music or anything for that matter becomes really easy once you know where to legally get it from. Given below are a few links to some of the best iPhone game sites.



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