Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Radio iPhone

If you haven't heard it yet, AccuRadio is the internet's leading independent radio broadcaster, the quintessential personalizable, multichannel streaming radio listening service. Enter FlyTunes, a company that has just created a mobile version of "Hurricane", its patent-pending streaming technology, and you have a partnership that was made for iPhone.

At the April 14th RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) Summit in Las Vegas, FlyTunes announced the launch of a complete mobile AccuRadio portal which combines a user-friendly interface, targeted advertising delivery, and enhanced streaming quality (QoS). Best of all, this new mobile radio service is iPhone compatible. This gives satellite radio giants Sirius and XM a run for their money, as they still scramble to get support on the various smartphone OS platforms.

Webcasting, or internet radio, currently serves over 50 million American listeners each month. And already AccuRadio - as the self-avowed "Next Generation of Radio", and one of five nominees for the 2008 Webby Awards ("the Oscars of the Internet") in the category of Best Radio - serves a good half-a-million of them, at least. That number is poised to swell now that smartphone users can access the service through their handheld devices - including the iPhone. Not only that, but the service is also available for users of the iPod Touch.

Whatever your musical tastes, AccuRadio has it, offering Rock, Pop, Classical, Country, Jazz, Broadway, and more: over 320 different genre-specific stations in all. Other categories to titillate mobile music fans include Oldies, Blues, Soul, Hip-Hop, Latin, Swing, Cabaret, Celtic, Reggae, Native American, and Chinese Pop. Now that's variety! Plus, as if that wasn't enough, AccuRadio even lets users build their own radio channels, if they like.

On the critical side, the mobile interface is still more like standard, traditional or "terrestrial" FM radio than satellite or internet radio in that it doesn't yet display the name of the song playing, and doesn't let users skip past songs they don't like. Stations load up as a QuickTime movie.

If webcasting was once the new frontier, mobile webcasting has now taken its place, and rightfully so. Our culture is one that is increasingly on the go, and not everybody is crazy about the idea of listening to the same music from their iTunes library or other MP3 collection over and over again. The innovation of the FlyTunes' AccuRadio mobile platform allows people on-the-go the same ever-changing variety of audio entertainment that commuters have had for decades through their car stereos.

Corey Bruhn is the owner of iPhone Mobile Mob - - who specializes in reporting news, updates and unique features of the Apple iPhone. Download our FREE iPhone eBook to find out more about your iPhone.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

iPhone Discount - Are You Looking For An iPhone Discount

Much publicity has been given to the Apple iPhone. As more and more reviews are published everyday, the iPhone has actually earned much of its attention. The hype prior to its release is at a steady state now, there is no doubt that people will continue to place orders throughout the rest of the year. So where does that leave you to find an iPhone Discount? This article will help you better understand how to find an iPhone discount . Because the Apple iPhone is still quite new it may be hard to find substantial discounts as yet. It is fairly expensive and if you see any discount it is definitely worth investigating.

Recently some customers for other mobiles observed a small offer at the bottom of their receipts. It read save $150 on an iPhone. Curious they checked it out. It turned out to be a iPhone discount on the lifetime of a 2 year contract. Perhaps it is just a marketing ploy to get them to investigate the iPhone? Some even pass it off as a marketing glitch.

Because it is such a new technology there are few iPhone discounts available right now. It is also a popular commodity so this will keep prices high for a while until excitement dies down.

However you may be able to get a cheaper price for the iPhone at an online auction. Although this is a hot commodity, especially among the younger generation, you never know when you will get lucky. So look into auction sites and see what you can find. You may definitely be able to buy Apple iPhone accessories for a discount.

When buying from an auction site, it is good if you you know exactly what you want and how much you are willing to pay. At this point, go to your favorite auction site and do a search. Be sure to enter the all the details about the type of iPhone that you are interested in buying so you can find the best discount price for your iPhone.

You may just find a nice deal on an iPhone bundle that has it all. Make sure that compare the price of the bundle at auction with the price you came up with to buy it at retail. You are sure to find a deal! You can also save on discounted iPhone accessories, car kits and more.

There are many websites online that are offering iPhones. These cyber stores are in a competitive field, so they may offer you iPhone accessories free or at discounted prices with a purchase of an iPhone. As more sellers jump on the bandwagon of this new technology you will see more of these iPhone discounts emerging.

The secret is out. Join all the people that have found their iPhone discount online from

You will find great iPhone deals, accessories, chargers, batteries, car kits, software, and more.

How To Achieve Iphone Tether

When Apple announced that they were going to release the iPhone on June 2007, a lot of people could not wait to get their hands on one. Many lined up outside the stores selling the iPhones and waited for hours. Even before the iPhone was released, there have been many press releases and ads showing its many features and capabilities.

Among these capabilities are its digital camera for still pictures and its ability to browse the web. Of course, you will have to pay for browsing the web using your iPhone since AT&T is an exclusive holder of the iPhones plans. All iphone users are obliged to use AT&T exclusively in order to get an iPhone. Many people are happy with this since AT&T is not the leading mobile phone service provider.

Achieving Iphone Tether

Many techies have since tried to break down the iPhone and add in some applications that are not included in its features. Many have succeeded in achieving iphone tether to allow you, the user, to access EDGE internet on your laptop. This means you can use you iphone to have unlimited internet access.

There is a procedure that some really talented hackers have developed to install a SOCKS proxy server in your iphone, the srelay. The srelay is free and is a 4/5 protocol proxy server. It supports IPv6 and IPv4 and can support sock connect/bind request in the protocol v4, v4a and v5. This iphone tether makes you iphone the source for an internet connection for your laptop.

The only problem with this very enjoyable addition to your iphone is that it is not included in its job description. AT&T has not allowed this kind of technology to be done to your iphone and may be in violation with your contract with them. The iphone tether would have made you enjoy several hours of internet browsing in your laptop but AT&T could also cut off your subscription or charge you a bigger bill for this.

You would also have to consider the speed that the iphone tether provides. AT&T could possibly be aware of this loophole and may even charge you for using the iphone tether against the contract that you have. Just be sure to know the consequences when you try to do something which the iphone is not supposed to do. It's even possible that the iphone battery might run out faster than expected due to this. has other well-written and helpful articles not only related to different kinds of rumored problems and iphone issues, but also other information and resources related to iphone.

This article may be used only in its entirety with all links included.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Importance of a Ped 3 Rotating Stand for your Iphone

Today people live in a world of multi-tasking. Life just cannot go on if you keep doing just one task at a time. Apple’s iPhone is a gadget which helps in the process of multi-tasking. You could do so many thing and all at one time with the iPhone. You can perform tasks likes ending emails, text messages and also browsing the internet. And if you are among the people who use your iPhone constantly throughout the day then holding the phone for really long time could be really difficult.

And this holds true for people working in the offices. Switching from the PC to the office phone to the iPhone could be really difficult and could leave you confused and at times even down with a headache. But to overcome such situations and make your life easier iPhone has come out with a lot of useful accessories.

One must buy accessory of the iPhone is the PED 3 Rotating Stand. This accessory makes life easy for you whether at home or at work. It just lets you have the hands free experience when you use your iPhone. The only thing you have to do is fix it on the stand and it fits perfectly since it is especially designed for the iPhone and this can let you do other tasks while you also use the phone.

The stand has small protruding arms which hold the phone just like your hand would do. It does not even block the view of the screen. And you can even rotate the position of the screen from vertical to horizontal, all just to match your taste. Like a horizontal position to watch a movie and probably a vertical position for text messages and emails.

Once you have started using this phone you realize that is like having an extra pair of hands. And I don’t think that you could think about life without it. It lets you work on other things while you are using the iPhone. They give your phone real good security. You can also rotate it a full 360 degrees and also a few other fixed positions. This stand is a really well made product with strong steel and baked on coating on the steel to prevent scratches. The metal grips on the arm are also coated with soft rubber so as to protect it from damages.

Tips to Use the Iphone’s Touch Screen Keyboard Better

Practice and knowledge is needed to use technology that is just born. And mostly this is easier said than done, since no help is available. It is the same with the Apple iPhone. It will take you hours before you actually understand how the features of the iPhone work. All features in the phone just can’t be learnt by just playing around with the phone, one such complicated example is the touch screen keyboard.

With unique features as this there are a lot of things to be learnt before you actually get the hang of quickly typing your messages. All these small techniques will help you type without mistakes and you would soon start wondering what you would have done without it. You need to remember small things like, a tap on a letter will help you write it, but it would not appear until you took your finger off.

This makes correction of your mistakes quite easy. Just sliding your finger over the letter you actually want to write and then lifting it off would simply correct the wrong letter.

To ensure clear and smooth writing one just needs to use the automatic correction feature that is built into the phone. But at times it can still accept wrong words, so you need to know how to accept and reject suggested words. A word gets accepted if you tap on the space, enter or punctuation characters and if you just carry on writing words get rejected.

To include or add words into the iPhone’s dictionary you need to write a word twice and tap on both of them. Including words you use often into the dictionary would at times take a few weeks, but once it is done typing would be easier than you think.
The last tip is on the use of upper and lower case characters. Tap shift and letter to get the first letter of the word in Caps and to type the entire word in Caps enable Caps Lock in the settings, after that you whenever you need full upper case words just double tap on the shift and it is ready for total upper case.

Get Free Iphone Games

Do you pay for your iPhone games or do you downloads them for free. People who own iPhone are usually split into two halves few who get downloads for free and a few who don’t. If you just know where to search you can find plenty of sites from where you can download stuff at a much cheaper rate than iTunes. It just takes a little bit of search to find such sites.

The craze for the iPhones cannot be ignored in this crazy gizmo world. Be it just to answer the phone or listen to some music or just to relax and watch a movie or just play a game, the iPhone can do it all. And if you would like to look for more games which you can download on your iPhone then go through these resources:

Get Free Iphone Games- 1

The easiest way to search for free iPhone games is to search in google. That would seem to be the most apparent thing to do. But when the results appear you will realize that these sites are here just to make money and more money, mainly through advertising and so you will find a hell lot of popups coming up asking you to click on them. If you come across such sites just leave them alone because they are of no use.

Get Free Iphone Games- 2
The so called “free” sites, the reason I call them this is because they say everything is free even the latest downloads. But little do we know that there is nothing like this, only when you visit these sites do you realize that there are only a few old games to download and also that their download speeds are really horrible. These sites don’t actually care about customer service; they are only here to make money through all the advertisements that popup in their sites.

Get Free Iphone Games- 3

The other alternative place people turn to when they are searching for iPhone games is the torrent/P2P sites. These sites seem to be very popular among many people. But these sites are the worst ones of its kind, not only are these sites illegal but also they have viruses, spywares, malwares, etc which can completely corrupt your computer. If it can do this to your computer then imagine what it can do to your phone! Is it worth all that risk? I don’t think so.

Get Free Iphone Games- 4

By and large the best place to get free games and other downloads for your phone is the sites which have just started recently. They offer really good service, with a large collection of downloads for your phone right from music, movies, games and other softwares. And to avail these services you have to just subscribe to a life time membership with a mere one time payment of something close to $40 or so. The service and downloads are usually unlimited and the download speed is also really high, so you always feel you’ve got back what you’ve paid for.

These are a few download sites which I suggest to fill your new gizmo with all sorts of interesting and entertaining things. Downloading free games, movies, music or anything for that matter becomes really easy once you know where to legally get it from. Given below are a few links to some of the best iPhone game sites.

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Sorry, First Adopters--Better iPhone Is On The Way


Apple outraged many of its fans last year when Chief Executive Steve Jobs dropped the price of the 8 gigabyte model of the phone by $200 just two months after putting the phone on sale in June. They were angered again last month when the company upgraded the software for the iPod Touch--and then demanded $20 for the upgrade from anyone who had already purchased the widescreen video player.

But if anyone complains when Apple (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) introduces faster, better iPhones later this year, they'll have only themselves to blame. So, here's a bit of advice: if you haven't bought an iPhone yet, do yourself a favor and wait a little longer.

The signs are all there. While Apple's secretiveness is legendary, it can't keep its partners from discussing their own plans. In a move that must have rankled Jobs, AT&T (nyse: T - news - people ) Chief Executive Randall Stephenson let it slip in November that AT&T and Apple would offer a version of the iPhone this year that works with AT&T's third-generation wireless network.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

To wait or not to wait: are you going to put off buying an iPhone until the 3G version is out? Or is this as good as it gets? Add your thoughts in the Reader Comments section below.

That will be a big improvement. The EDGE network used by today's iPhones allows users to download data at average speeds of between 75 and 150 kilobits per second, according to AT&T. By contrast, those on AT&T's new HSDPA network can get data at more than a million bits per second--roughly 10 times as fast as today's EDGE networks.

While a high-speed wireless connection is a nice plus for users of typical mobile phones, it promises to do wonders for widescreen iPhones, which combine the ability to play movies and surf the Web with features found on more traditional mobile phones, like the ability to send text messages.

To be sure, a 3G iPhone likely won't pop up over the next several weeks. The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported this week that Apple is hiring a television production firm in preparation for a high-profile late February announcement. That event, however, will likely detail the widely anticipated release of a software developer's kit for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

But the wait can't drag on much longer. AT&T is building out its high-speed wireless network as quickly as it can, announcing Wednesday that it will expand its 3G wireless broadband service to more than 80 additional cities by the end of the year for a total of roughly 350 markets (See: " AT&T's Stealthy Plans"). Meanwhile, iPhone chip supplier Broadcom (nasdaq: BRCM - news - people ) last year began cranking out samples of a power-sipping, 3G-friendly chip, the BCM21551, that could give the iPhone access to AT&T's new network without sucking the gadget's battery dry too quickly.

Finally, there are even a few smoke signals coming from Apple itself. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company quietly upgraded the storage on its highest-end iPhone to 16 GB for an extra $100 this week. That extra memory would give the phone the ability to handle fatter video downloads. And even Steve Jobs has shown his frustration with the slow pace at which some Web sites show up on the iPhone, muttering about the slow loading time of the during his last keynote.

And, as anyone who has ever worked at Apple can tell you, when Jobs gets frustrated, things get changed.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Will It Blend - iPhone

Download Free iPhone Theme - You Need To Know This

You can download free iPhone theme from many different sites. There are even iPhone themes available for other makes of cell phone, and even as Wordpress themes for websites. If you want to know where to get themes for your Iphone, check out the rest of this article.

Following on the huge success of the Apple iPod, which shows no sign of slowing down, Apple has now launched the iPhone, giving users the option of carrying just one light machine around with them to use as both a cell phone and a music storage system.

The Apple iPhone is a certainty to carry on the phenomenal success of Apple's iPod. This is a highly desirable piece of hardware. Not everyone is in a position, for various technical and financial reasons, to avail themselves of it, and for that reason it is good news that there are themes available for other machines. All of the major names are included in this, such Nokia and Motorola. The Blackberry, which has far greater capabilities than the average cell phone, also has iPhone themes that can be used with it.

You can also download free iPhone theme for the iPhone itself! If you are not happy with the default, or just feel like a change, you can get something called a "Hack Toolkit", which will allow you to get into your Apple iPhone, and change the theme. The new themes themselves are downloadable from many different sites on the internet, most of which are funded by advertising, and voluntary donations.

The main problem to watch out for when downloading themes, or indeed anything else, from the internet, is the trustworthiness of the site. Downloading themes from sites which offer them is a lot safer than downloading pirated software, movies or music from a P2P site. These downloads are totally legal. You should still exercise due care, though, as unscrupulous site owners can infect your machine with viruses and trojan horses, in an attempt to gain a "back door" into your machine. If you do download anything from the net, make sure that you scan it with anti virus software. Most machines will come with this software built in, but if yours doesn't have it, or it has expired, it is possible to get free anti virus software, provided your machine is not used commercially.

Taking this precaution will allow you to safely download free iPhone theme. Check out the links below to see the most popular download sites.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Iphone Software - Can You Download It For Free

iPhone software-download it for free. There is no doubt that the Apple iPod has been one of the most spectacular success stories of recent years, and it looks like the Iphone will be just as popular. Check out this article to learn where to get Iphone software at zero cost.

Thanks to Apple's new technological advancement, it is possible to carry your music collection around on your cell phone. The iPhone is also capable of giving users access to the internet. To avail yourself of all of the advantages of this wonderful new piece of hardware, you will need to get software to use on it.

Apple are strictly not allowing other companied to develop software for the iPhone itself, and are limiting them to developing peripherals. Hackers have already compromised Apple's iPhone, and companies on the internet are now distributing software applications which allow the iPhone to be used on any number of cell phone networks, instead of just the ones which Apple themselves are integrating into the machine. This is just what Apple cannot afford to happen, and they have issued warnings stating that this kind of hacking will invalidate all guarantees.

Apple themselves may well be about to release an update to the operating system, as part of what they claim is a "game of cat and mouse with the hackers". Nobody is yet sure whether this update, or further updates, will compromise the hackers' code which has allowed iPhone buyers to sign up with other networks. It seems highly likely, given the company's stance, and the huge amounts of money involved, that that will be the primary consideration. The new updates are also expected to allow the iTunes Music Store to be accessed via Wi-Fi. These updates will, of course, be free iPhone software-download it for free.

Assuming that you want legitimate software which is compatible with Apple's terms of service, you will be pleased to know that Apple has committed to giving free updates of their own software, and to improving the features on an ongoing basis. No exact details have yet been released, but this will be great news for the millions of people latching on to this latest hardware craze. It will be fascinating to watch, over the coming months, and years, how creative the developers at Apple can get. Whatever they come up with, they have promised that it will be free iPhone software-download it for free.

Hopefully this article has enlightened you somewhat about the whole Iphone software situation. Check out the links below to see some free software download sites.

iPhone Music Downloads - 7 Tips to Find the Top Service for iPhone Music

iPhone owners are getting excited about loading their new gizmos with iPhone music downloads. After all, the phone-cum-digital portable media player can store up to 100 songs easily and allow a playtime of up to 24 hours of audio. This article will show you 7 hot tips to find the top service befitting of your new toy when it comes to iPhone music downloads.

1. Free or Paid

Freebie seekers probably would argue with me on this. There is nothing wrong with wanting free iPhone music downloads. Who doesn't anyway? But the trouble is that free websites that give you music for free are often associated with exposure to viruses, spyware and adware when downloading media files there. Our phones are too new and precious and to risk exposing them to these harmful elements is a No No.

How about downloading each iPhone song for $0.99 or more at online music services like HMV, iTunes and so on? People wouldn't mind if it is only one or two song. But if we are going to load up at least a 100 songs or soundtracks, this is going to be expensive.

There are now services that offer a lifetime membership for a flat fee of lower than $49.95 to access unlimited iPhone music downloads. These are the real gems!

2. Variety & Size of iPhone Music Library

Music lovers probably have their preferred music. You may not like pop but to another, pop may really sound heavenly. If you love all kinds of music, go with the services that offer multiple genres from Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Classical to many unheard music genre. Several top sites now offer over 100 million media files including music videos, TV shows and even movies and games.

3. Download Interface

This is a key feature that must not be overlooked. For easy navigation, the interface must be simple to use and does not take long to search and find your music files. One way to get a rough idea is to see how professionally done the site is and to read comments of existing users.

4. Software Applications for Download and Conversion

Several of the more established services are providing free software applications required to download iPhone music as well as movie and video files. They also provide the conversion software needed to convert movies and music file formats into iPhone-compatible formats. The top services also offer you a free DVD conversion software that transfer movies from DVDs to your iPhone.

5. Fast Downloading Speeds

Make sure that the download speeds are fast. Music file sizes are about 3-4 MB per song. Assuming you are downloading 20 songs at a go, the service must not limit your bandwidth usage by slowing down the speed. This is what some poorly run B-grade services do.

6. Safe Download Environment

Some services do not provide good secured environment with a high level of security and safety when you download iPhone music downloads. The last thing you want to worry about is adware, spyware and viruses that could make their way to your computer because the music store refuses to buck up on its system architecture.

7. After-sales Customer Care and Support

Many services just want to make more money. While they promise a 24/7 technical support to entice you to join them, they are hardly around when you need them to help troubleshoot when you face difficulties. Thankfully, there are a few reputable ones who can deliver an excellent level of after-sales service.

Look around and use these tips to find a good service for your iPhone music downloads. Want to know which services score well in every aspect mentioned? Read up my iPhone blog.

Davion is an ardent lover of techno gizmos. He runs a hugely popular iPhone review blog where he reveals where you can find unlimited iPhone downloads for pennies.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple CEO shows off slim new laptop

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs took the wraps off a super-slim new laptop at the Macworld trade show on Tuesday, unveiling a personal computer less than an inch thick that turns on the moment it's opened.

Jobs also confirmed the consumer electronics company's foray into online movie rentals, revealing an alliance with all six major movie studios to offer films over high-speed Internet connections within 30 days after they're released on DVD.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the slim MacBook Air.
More photos of the laptop, Homer Simpson

Always a showman, Jobs unwound the string on a standard-sized manila office envelope and slid out the ultra-thin MacBook Air notebook computer to coos and peals of laughter from fans at the conference.

At its beefiest, the new computer is .76 inches thick; at its thinnest, it's .16 inches, he said. It comes standard with an 80-gigabyte hard drive, with the option of a 64GB flash-based solid state drive as an upgrade.

The machine doesn't come with a built-in optical drive for reading CDs and DVDs, a feature Jobs says consumers won't miss because they can download movies and music over the Internet and access the optical drives on other PCs and Macs to install new software. They can buy an external drive, however, that will retail for $99.

Trading in Apple stock was heavy Tuesday, the first day of the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. Shares fell $11.85, or 6.6 percent, to $166.93 in late afternoon trading.

Caris & Co. analyst Shebly Seyrafi said the MacBook Air's price tag "may have been higher than people would have hoped for." Investors also may be "incrementally" concerned that Apple's iPhone was not updated so that it can connect to faster cellular networks, he said.

The new laptop, which has a 13.3-inch screen and full-sized laptop keyboard, will cost $1,799 when it goes on sale in two weeks, though Apple is taking orders now. The company's Web site is already touting the machine. The price is competitive with other laptops in its market segment.

The machine helps fortify Apple's already-sizzling Macintosh product lineup and burnish its polished image as a purveyor of cool.

Apple's Macintosh business hit record sales of 7 million units in the company's fiscal 2007, up more than 30 percent from the previous year.

After hovering for years with a 2 percent to 3 percent share of the personal computer market in the United States, Apple's slice has grown to almost 8 percent, making it the nation's third-largest PC vendor, according to the latest figures from market researcher Gartner Inc.

Other revelations during Jobs' speech reflected the Cupertino-based company's intensifying efforts to push deeper into consumers' living rooms with technologies that blend Internet technology into home entertainment devices.

The movie-rental announcement capped months of speculation that an Apple movie rental service was in the offing. The service launched Tuesday in the United States and will roll out internationally later this year.

Apple will have more than 1,000 movies for online rental through iTunes by the end of February, with prices of $2.99 for older movies and $3.99 for new releases. Users can watch instantly over a broadband Internet connection, or download and keep the movie for 30 days while having 24 hours to finish the movie once it's started.

Apple is partnering with 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Paramount, Universal and Sony on the service, which will work on Macs, Windows-based machines, iPhones, iPods or Apple TV set-top boxes.

Jobs cut the price of Apple TV from $299 to $229 and announced new software that allows users to order movies through the device and play them directly on their TV sets, eliminating the need to route the content through a personal computer first. The software is free to existing Apple TV customers and will be included in new Apple TV devices shipping in two weeks.

Jobs also unveiled a string of new features for the iPhone, showing how users of the combination iPod-cell phone-Internet surfing device can now pinpoint their location on Web maps, text-message multiple people at once and customize their home screens.

Jobs also said Apple has sold 4 million iPhones during their first 200 days on sale.

Google Sees Surge in iPhone Traffic

Published: January 14, 2008

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Of all the iPhone’s features, none had reviewers gushing more than its Internet browser. It was the first cellphone browser that promised something resembling the experience of surfing the Internet on a PC. Santa helped deliver on that promise.

On Christmas, traffic to Google from iPhones surged, surpassing incoming traffic from any other type of mobile device, according to internal Google data made available to The New York Times. A few days later, iPhone traffic to Google fell below that of devices powered by the Nokia-backed Symbian operating system but remained higher than traffic from any other type of cellphone.

The data is striking because the iPhone, an Apple product, accounts for just 2 percent of smartphones worldwide, according to IDC, a market research firm. Phones powered by Symbian make up 63 percent of the worldwide smartphone market, while those powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile have 11 percent and those running the BlackBerry system have 10 percent.

The iPhone has taken the frustration out of browsing on a mobile phone, said Charles Wolf, an analyst with Needham & Company.

Other companies confirmed the trends, if not the specific data, observed by Google. Yahoo, for instance, said iPhones accounted for a disproportionate amount of its mobile traffic. And AdMob, a firm that shows billions of ads on mobile Web sites every month, said it saw traffic from iPhones surge drastically around Christmas.

“Consumers are going to demand Internet browsers” as good as Apple’s, said Vic Gundotra, a Google vice president who oversees mobile products.

Mr. Gundotra said Web browsers as capable as the iPhone’s could also prove a boon for developers of mobile software, who have long struggled to adapt their programs to different types of phones. As it does on the PC, he said, the browser could provide a more homogeneous “layer” for programmers.

“The reason no one considered this seriously is that the Web layer on mobile devices was terrible,” he said. Google has taken advantage of the capabilities of the iPhone browser to create a product, internally called Grand Prix, that it says provides easy access to many of the company’s services, including search, Gmail, Reader and Picasa.

Google, which developed the first version of Grand Prix in six weeks, is introducing a new version on Monday, just six weeks after the first one. That is a speed of development not previously possible on mobile phones, he said.

John Markoff contributed reporting from San Francisco.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Will Free Iphone Downloads Change The Web

The Iphone is pretty new phenomenon, a real technological marvel, and most Iphone owners have no idea at all that they are able to download free software for it, including games and movies. If you're an Iphone owner and you like the idea of some free software, this article may be useful for you.

As with pretty much anything these days, before you can download anything for your Iphone there are a few basic things that you will need:

The first thing is a computer-it may seem obvious, but you will need a computer. At the current time, it isn't possible to download directly to the Iphone, so you'll need to download to a computer first. Most modern computers have the required performance levels, so as long as your computer isn't like ten years old, it should be okay.

The second thing, and just as important, is an internet connection. Just try downloading anything without being able to access the net! It's also worth considering that the faster your internet connection, the faster you can download things.

The final thing, and something that is very important, is somewhere to download from. This can be very tough to find, as these days there are more shady spam websites than there have ever been before. Some of these sites won't hesitate before infecting you with adware or spyware or whatever, so it's vital that you take the time to find somewhere trustworthy.

It's also worth considering that a lot of the sites that offer free software downloads are illegal-not the sites themselves, but illegal to download from. There are many such sites, often known as P2P or torrent sites. Do you really want to get in trouble with the law over something so silly? I'd recommend avoiding these sites.

The fortunate news is that as technology progresses there is starting to be some real alternative sites to sites like this. There are a new breed of website emerging, and they will actually provide the free downloads that all the others claim. Typically a site like this works by charging a one off administration fee, and then allowing the user lifetime access to all the software. It's usually a pretty good deal, as you can choose from any media you want, movies, games, TV shows, all kinds of stuff really.

As you've seen, free downloads for Iphones have become a reality, but the big question is whether sites like this will change the way regular websites work? Only time will tell...

Apple Iphone: Finding the Imei Number

Users of the Apple iPhone are smart and so are their informations which they required. From the bunch of the informations that is required one that is of importance is IMEI number. The IMEI number is called International Mobile Equipment Identity.

Here are few of the ways to recognize the IMEI number of the Apple iPhone.

This article shows you several different ways you can locate it. (1) In iTunes 7.3 or later (2) On the back of your iPhone (3) In the iPhone About screen (4) On your iPhone packaging (serial number only).

Let us find out the way to find out the IMEI number from the iTunes 7.3. First, connect the iPhone to the computer. Second, when the iPhone appears in iTunes 7.3 or later, select it. Third, click the Summary tab, and the iPhone's serial number will display on screen.

Note: If you click the words "Serial Number" in this tab iTunes will also display the IMEI of your iPhone.

The second way to find the IMEI number is by : iPhone's serial number and IMEI are engraved on the back metal case.

Moreover, there is another method to find the iPhone serial number and IMEI in the About screen on your iPhone. From the Home screen, tap Settings > General > About.

From the Phone packaging is another method: If you still have the original packaging that your iPhone came in, you can find your iPhone serial number printed on the barcode label that's affixed to the packaging.

For Mac users it is little bit different : Connect iPhone Bluetooth Headset to your Mac via the iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable or iPhone Dual Dock (disconnect iPhone if it is connected to the cable or dock). In Finder, choose, Apple > About this Mac. Click More Info and then click the reveal arrow next to Hardware. Then click USB. Under USB Device Tree, there will be an entry for iPhone Bluetooth Headset.

3 High-Tech Features Of The Apple Iphone

What's the big deal behind the Apple iPhone? It's expensive. It's revolutionary. But are its features worth the money?

With all the popularity, you can assume everyone's at least heard about it. What does the Apple iPhone feature and what can it do?

#1: Multi-Touch Technology

The most outstanding feature is the iPhone's radical multi-touch screen. The MT screen allows any mechanical button to appear on this high tech toy. It simply allows you to use your fingers to operate it. This is contrary to any other phone today, which either have mechanical keyboards or a stylus.

By tapping the screen with your finger, you can navigate menus, dial phone numbers, write e-mail messages and likewise use the whole functionality of the popular gadget. The three-point-five-inch screen displays a keyboard for inputting text via multi-touch. Most consumers are seemingly skeptical about typing with the virtual keyboard, but Apple has predicted the common problems and has made sure the iPhone was constructed with features like automatic spell check and word prediction, not to mention an enhanced customizable dictionary. More so, the iPhone addresses the problems of typos commonly known to multi-touch usage by adding self-correction capabilities.

When scrolling, the usual wheel is not found at the side of the gadget. The multi-touch screen functionality allows its owner to scroll by dragging a finger in the desired direction. The speed of scrolling is designed to be proportional to the speed at which you drag your finger.

The multi-touch feature furthermore enables several more functions like multi-touch sensing for magnifying or reducing photos and even web pages. Using this feature, you can regulate object size simply by placing two fingers at the side of the object and then moving them, by dragging, either further apart or closer to one another. This feature does not distort images because images are initially scaled according to its original dimensions in the first place.

Hands down, the iPhone is more intelligent than any other phone today.

#2: Revolutionary Sensors

The gadget's sensors have the ability to detect changes to the iPhone's environment. The sensors are minuscule yet absurdly powerful. The three major sensors include an accelerometer, sensor for ambient light, and a proximity sensor.

The accelerometer sensor conveys the ability to detect any changes in the iPhones positioning. ...The iPhone's screen display will actually rotate to portrait or landscape, while still packing its contents into the 3.5-inch screen. Because it changes the view according to ratio, images are not distorted among web pages, videos, or photos.

The proximity sensors.

These high-tech features detect the location of the iPhone with regard to the skin. When you make a call and hold the iPhone up against your ear, the display will automatically set to standby. This is important in that it serves two basic functions.

One, by shutting off the display when not necessarily needed, this saves your battery's life. More so, this avoids accidental touches to the screen, which would otherwise be sensitive. As soon as the cell is moved away from your face, the proximity sensors react in this way.

Ambient light sensor.

Through the AL sensor, changes in the phone's environment are detected and instantaneously adjust the display's brightness. Your iPhone's display will always be well adjusted in regard to lighting.

#3: Mac OS X Operating System

The hype behind the Apple iPhone increased when Mac fans found out the Mac OS X would be included. The Mac OS X is the operating system inside the latest Apple computers. On the other hand, the electronic doesn't have the complete functionality of the operating system. The entire OS X is too large to fit within the 4GB or 8GB internal memory. The iPhone contains a 500 MB version of the operating system.


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