Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Top 10 Must Have's Personal Electronics

IPod - This is the state-of-the-art MP3 player designed and manufactured by Apple. It comes in various sizes from 1 GB to 20 GB. It also comes with video compatibility where you can view movies on your Ipod.

Iphone - Ever dreamed of a phone, Ipod (MP3 player) and computer in one device. Well, Iphone is the answer to this, It has all the three necessities. It is designed and manufactured by Apple. It has a sleek design with excellent internet compatibility. It is available in UK on O2 customers only at the moment. However you can grab one on Ebay, but be ready to pay a fortune.

GPS - Dont know where to go or how to reach your destination? GPS is your answer. This is the most wanted product in the personal electronics. Global Positioning System (GPS) or Sat Nav (Satellite Navigation) is a system which directs you to your destinations. It contains maps to various locations in the world. It comes with digital maps of UK, Europe & US depending on the price you are willing to pay.

Mobile phones - Super mobile phones have changed the way we work around them. The super mobiles have various compatibilities making it also a most wanted personal electronic. The development of IPhone and Nokia N95 have revolutionised mobile phone family changing the perception of owning a mobile phone.

Digital camera - Digital cameras have become essential must haves due to their capability of generating quality digital images which can be easily stored on to PC. The advancement in digital cameras has been tremendous and resulted in generating 5 MP, 6 MP and even more 7.2 mega pixel digital camera's. Hence, for any occasion, its good to capture memories in excellent quality images from your digital camera which can be saved for decades unlike paper photos.

Flat screen TV - Flat screen TV's are stylish, sleek and attractive. They are enticing and appeal to a lot of audience making it a must have personal electronic. Flat screen TV's come in different sizes from 19" to 42" and goes on. The reason of popularity is the quality of output is produces. The underlying technology enables high quality display making it look very realistic.

Consoles - Sony PS3, Nintendo WII, Microsoft XBOX 360? They are all cool! If you own any of these consoles, you are amongst the popular consumers. These consoles are high in demand owning different features and unique games.

Laptops - One of the technological advancement in personal computers was laptops. Laptops have become one of the most wanted product over the years. Laptops present us with extreme mobility and the same powerful configuration as desktops. Also with latest stylish models developing, it has become the must have personal electronic.

Apple Macs -Apple Mac book laptops are remarkably good looking with high quality resolution and powerful at the same time. It might be a bit difficult to get around at first but once you are familiar with you Mac book, it is an absolute technological companion. Sleek design and stylish looks are exquisite and definitely worth the investment.

Sony PSP - If you are looking for gaming on the go, Sony PSP is an great option. Thinner and lighter and it has ever been, this gaming device provides with absolute mobile gaming fun. With different games to choose from, you would never get bored. It also has video output which will enable you to display you PSP's audio and video on virtually any TV.

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