Saturday, November 10, 2007

Iphone - Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Apple iPhone Questions

Have you purchased one of the new Apple iPhones and absolutely love it, but you have noticed some common problems? Well here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions and problems with the Apple iPhone and their solutions.

How do I turn off the phone dial keypad noises on my Apple iPhone?

Solution: You can turn off the clicking sounds by switching the ringer button to off. If you're not sure where the ringer button is, it's located on the upper left corner of the phone above the volume buttons, to the left of the headphone jack. Once you're done with typing a message, you can switch the ringer button back to the on position.

My USB connection is not working, Itunes didn't come up and it is not charging.

Solution: Power down the computer first and reboot. If this does not work, bring up Itunes first, put the phone in the cradle and then attach via USB.

Whenever I get a text now, it does not make a noise. None of the sounds besides the ringtone work. I have tried resetting it and when I press on and off on the settings it does not make a sound either.

Solution: Check your lock switch above volume control (most common problem).

Solution: Plug in and out your headphones.

Should I fully deplete my battery to preserve the life on my Apple iPhone?

Solution: No need to fully deplete battery. If your battery is depleting in less than a day and you aren't using it heavily then you may have a faulty battery.

I seem to lose signal frequently on my Apple iPhone?

Solution: Contact the Apple store. There is no solution for you to do.

I hope these solutions have helped you or will help you if you run into problems!

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