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Apple Iphone - Ipone Review Comments

If you have just purchased the new Apple Iphone, please post your comments or reviews here to help consumers evaluate the product. Our goal is to have 1 million customer reviews for the new iphone.


monstertvatl said...

I’ve long been on a record as a strong advocate of smart phones, and the Treo 650 in particular. I’ve had a Treo 650 since mid 2005. This weekend, after an hour’s drive and a short wait at an Apple Store, I now own a Apple iPhone and am in a position to compare the two phones.

I’m not going to gush about the iPhone’s beautiful screen, or it’s remarkable touch screen interface, or even it’s keyless keyboard (which I’ve found amazingly easy to use), instead I’m going to concentrate on the specific features the iPhone seems to be lacking versus those available on the Treo 650.

Things That the iPhone Doesn’t Do That The Treo 650 Can:

The iPhone doesn’t sync tasks and to-do lists from your computer. Though you can display different calendars on your iPhone, you can’t create events on the iPhone in different calendars. In iTunes (the syncing software that runs on your computer) you have to specify what calendar will be used for any new events created on the phone.
The iPhone doesn’t have a system-wide search.

The iPhone’s camera doesn’t shoot video, only still photographs.
Notes on the iPhone don’t sync to your computer. There is no copy and paste on the iPhone. The iPhone can’t sync via bluetooth.
You can swap in a new battery.
You can’t install new software.
The iPhone doesn’t come with any games.

Things That the iPhone Does That the Treo 650 Can’t:

The iPhone will use an available WiFi network instead of using Cingular’s slower EDGE network when WiFi is available. The iPhone has a real web browser. I can even access my bank’s website and check my account balance.

You can open multiple tabs in the iPhone’s web browser. Bookmarks will sync from the browser on your PC to the browser in the iPhone.
The list view in the iPhone’s calendar program is superior to the Treo’s Agenda view of the calendar. The mail application on the iPhone seem better thought out than VersaMail on the Treo when using POP3 mail. VersaMail will only download all of your messages, while the iPhone can be set to download only the last 25 (or 50, 75, 100 or 200) messages instead of everything.

wcot said...

Falling in lust with an expensive device like the iPhone sets owners up for a hard fall if it stops working. I know, because mine died after only four days into our relationship.

At first I thought it was just a hiccup when the iPhone was working fine one minute, then wouldn’t turn on the next. I tried the prescribed reset (hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time for several seconds until the device restarts) with no luck. Black screen, period. But when I plugged it in the Apple logo appeared as if restarting. Then it vanished, the screen went black again, and a few seconds later the logo reappeared, as if restarting. Again. Then again. And again. Trouble in paradise.

On a whim I held the buttons for a reset again but this time kept holding, until eventually a bright yellow triangle appeared, instructing me to Connect the iPhone to iTunes. This forced “restore mode” allowed the otherwise endless-looped iPhone to appear in iTunes, which prompted me to restore the phone. Since iTunes backs up the phone’s data after every sync I said sure, gladly, please do.

The restore process began — but then the loopy restarts started again. And again, ad nauseam. At that point I felt a little nauseous, too — four days and the iPhone I spent eight hours in line to buy was a goner.

I contacted the AT&T store and was told I could return the phone for a refund (with a 10 percent restocking fee) but could not exchange it for a replacement; all iPhone support is handled by Apple. I contacted a public relations person at Apple and she said she’d have customer service call me. While waiting on that call I decided to drive to the nearby Apple Store with the far-flung hope that they’d simply swap the phone for me (crazily assuming they’d even have another 8 GB model in stock).

An extremely polite Apple customer service rep named Nate called just as I was walking into the Apple Store. He introduced me to the store manager, Sean, who was also on the line. We hung up with Nate and conducted the service business in person. Sean said they’d simply swap my phone for another, and after some help from two guys named Chris at the Genius Bar, they took back the broken one and I left with the new iPhone. Driving home, I had a number of questions. Would they completely erase my iPhone when it reached the service department, so that my private data remains mine alone? What if they hadn’t had another iPhone in stock?

I got answers from Apple’s PR department. Yes, all iPods and iPhones that are exchanged for replacements get wiped clean. As for the in-stock issue, iPhone owners can swap a “DOA” phone for a replacement if within 30 days of purchase. If the store is out of stock or if the purchase is past thirty days (or if a customer doesn’t live near an Apple Store), the repair-by-mail process kicks in.

The owner removes the SIM card (which will work in the previously used phone that the iPhone presumably replaced), mails the iPhone to Apple, and they repair it and send it back. Apple offers the option of a rental iPhone during the repair process for a $29 fee — something that is bound to rub customers the wrong way.

There was no such fee from AT&T when one of my previous phones — the Palm Treo 680 — went in for repairs. While under warranty AT&T automatically ships a loaner phone, which you wind up keeping if they deem your original dead.

They do charge a small fee if you want the replacement sent overnight, but otherwise the repair process is free. (AT&T waived the rush fee the two additional times I had to send the Treo in for replacement due to the thin plastic bezel around the screen repeatedly cracking despite my handling the device with kid gloves.)

Why did my iPhone fail so soon? Apple’s Geniuses couldn’t say on the spot. But I think it had something to do with heat — my iPhone would get incredibly hot to the touch when plugged in and charging while I was on a long phone call. So hot I lived those first three days in constant fear that it would heat to the point of burning up.

So hot that I was tempted to put some raw egg in a foil cup and set it atop the iPhone to see if it would cook — or if not actually cook, turn opaque from the iPhone’s super-heated back surface. Describing this on my blog JOEyGADGET promoted one other iPhone owner to comment:

“Yep, mine seems hot but I don’t know if it’s too hot. Hotness is relative you know.” Agreed when discussing physical attraction, but when talking about physical touch, take my word for it, my original iPhone all but burned the skin on my hand.

Jame said...

I recenly purchased a 16gb iphone and I was thrilled to have it. Unitl I went home and started testing its feature. Well after a few hours I decided this phone is less a functional phone and more an over priced over rated POS. In less then 24hours I havedecided this so called phone is worthless.
Will find out if AT&T store is going to give me a hard time about me wanting to return this piece of crap. I would love it if the thing was more a phone an less a worthless toy.

justin kirk said...

i bought my iphone towards the end of july. at the time i was running sound at a theater in pigeon forge, tn. i didn't have to use my phone for business is what i'm trying to say. in jan i became a worship technology director at a church and had to start using my phone for business....that's where the problem started! what used to take me 2 mins to do on my treo 650 now took me literally 5 mins or more! if i had to write an email i would have to go back and spell check my self because my iphone, in it's infinite wisdom, would spell check my words to the acronyms that i had used during a text! IT SUCKED! i answer my emails mainly on my phone, and now it was a pain in the butt! also, the reception SUCKS! if i didn't have an "edge" connection i couldn't make calls or send texts or my calls would drop! the reception was horrible! my wife has a blackjack and the phones could be sitting side by side and she'd have more signal than me.
random freezes and response time from application to application and not having a copy/paste feature made it almost impossible to do things quickly..NOT TO MENTION you can't recieve MMS messages....WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT? you pay $579 for an iphone and case and you can't even get MMS messages? and when you try to go and retrieve your mms message someone sends you from viewmymessage.com...it takes literally 5 mins to flip back and forth from your text to the web browser and enter the secret code to retrieve your message! i've been an avid apple fan since august 2005 and have bought a powermac g5 tower, ibook g4, 2 mac books(white and black), 2 mac book pros, 5 ipods( 4th gen, photo, video, mini, nano), and a mac pro intel quad g5 tower.....all of those have been great! apple really screwed the pooch with this product! it's the worst piece of engineering EVER! dont' by one of these glorified ipods until the 3rd generation at least!
needless to say, last week i moved to verizon and bought a treo 755p. life is good again!
one nice thing now is that i have an ipod with wifi...WHATEVER!

Alan Lothian said...

The iPhone (I have the 2G version, given as a Christmas present) is a worthless toy suitable for little girls of both sexes. First, it is locked into an indifferent cellphone provider. Second, it's a crap phone: my ancient 1998 Motorola was much more functional. Third, it is useless as an iPod: you can't plug it into an external audio and I don't do earbuds. See little girls, above. Nice touch screen, That's it. Fourth, I am locked into a contract so I can't even replace the thing for another year with a fully-functional, modern mobile phone. I look forward to the day when I chuck it into the nearby river Thames. Snarl, grunt.

Ed Bomke said...

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