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apple iphone carnival - July 6, 2007

Welcome to the July 6, 2007 edition of apple iphone carnival.

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apple iphone

Andrew Ian Dodge presents iPhone first impressions posted at Dodgeblogium.

Martin presents Are the iPhoneless Different from the iPhoney? posted at, saying, "iPonder what it means to be without the must have device."

James Wong presents iphone?s Smashing Success! posted at Online-ebiz.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of apple iphone carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our
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1 Comment:

Glen said...

Yes, works with Earthcomber

Ok, I tried Earthcomber and they already have a iPhone-tuned safari site. Very nice - looks "native". Since we can't get real GPS, it's especially handy to have all their emulation options. And it's nice to get above all the mapping. That's pretty, and fun, but with Earthcomberit’s a total informational upgrade from map-focused programs like Google maps – it’s like Earthcomer was meant for the iphone.

It’s clean, easy, noticably fast considering we're not on 3G. If you've never done Earthcomber, you have to be ready to think of it as sort of like personal radar - it looks for things in batches that you can tune (or delete, or compose). The cool thing is that you not only get the necessities nearby but also my personal points of interest and things like old mansions and dog parks I didn’t know were there. It basically, yes, "combs" the world around you. Or I should say, the US only. But then again, the iphone only works in the US, so that kinda takes care of that. It would be nice if they'd let you customize in the iPhone version, but you have to go over to the if you want to set it up to pick your own stuff.


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